Breeding programmes

Oceanário de Lisboa | Programas de reprodução EAZA

Oceanário de Lisboa participates in breeding programmes for sea species by the EAZA – European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. The aim of these programmes is to manage populations of species in European public aquaria.

One of the challenges faced by attempts at managing populations of marine species is linked to the information about individual genetics, e.g. confirming the paternity of individuals born in a controlled environment such as public aquaria; the origin of the population's first members; their degree of kinship; and confirming that all members of a population belong to the same species.

Oceanário de Lisboa engages in ex situ conservation by participating in several European conservation projects. It heads the breeding programme for the Taeniura lymma (bluespotted ribbontail ray) species and coordinates the European monitoring programme for the European population of Sphyrna lewini (scalloped hammerhead shark). Oceanário is also a participant in breeding programmes for ten species, including sharks, seahorses and sea birds such as Magellanic penguins.