Happy Day arrived at the Oceanário de Lisboa

Every tuesday visit for 10€

The Oceanário de Lisboa launches a campaign for unforgettable autumn days: Happy Day. And the happy day chosen is Tuesday. From the 26th of October until the 23rd of November, on Tuesdays, tickets purchased online will be worth €10.00, for everyone at any time.

Visitors can "dive" in the large central aquarium, discovering more than 500 species from the Global Ocean, highlighting about 20 species of sharks and rays, sea otters, penguins and sunfish, among many others . The visit extends to the two temporary exhibitions: «Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano» inspiringly present the rainforests through the largest «nature aquarium» in the world: a relaxing and immersive experience, conducted by Rodrigo Leão's exclusive soundtrack The artistic installation «ONE – The Sea as you never felt it», by artist Maya Almeida, is the most recent exhibition, inaugurated in 2020, which presents a deep connection between Man and the sea and invokes the grandeur of the ocean through an experience immersive by the Portuguese maritime territory.

Take advantage of this opportunity, buy your ticket online and visit the Oceanário de Lisboa on Tuesday, safely and at a special price.