"Look where you do not want to look - Exploring leadership polarities", with Paul van 't Veld

Conference Human Habitat, November 30th, 6:30 p.m.

Paul van ’t Veld is our guest speaker at the Human Habitat Lecture taking place on the 30th of November 2015. Paul will introduce leadership from the individual’s perspective and guide and assist us while we explore our own leadership skills in an interactive session, where we will look at the qualities we bring with us and their - often - unexplored counter-poles.

Moving between polarities can ignite a drive from within and this drive can translate into creating change around us.

Paul van ‘t Veld started his professional activities in the nineties by founding the very successful advertising agency Eigen Fabrikaat. After 15 years in the creative industry, working with and leading creative teams, he decided to learn more about getting the best out of people, thus embarking again in studying and building his career as a coach. Today he is a senior Leadership Coach in the core faculty team at THNK, School for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam and Lisbon.

Don’t miss it! At the Oceanário de Lisboa’s Auditorium.

Online registration: http://hh15paulvantveld.eventbrite.com