Manta Conservation Experience

An experience with a purpose

The Oceanário de Lisboa's mission is to protect the ocean, assuming the conservation of species, scientific knowledge and awareness of the general public as the pillars of its performance. As part of its intervention in the area of ​​species conservation, Oceanário de Lisboa has been financing the development of several projects in various regions of the world, including the Azores, contributing to the knowledge of the archipelago's marine capital.

Aware that this natural marine capital of the Azores is one of its great treasures, which it is important to preserve, Oceanário de Lisboa is developing a new concept and model to support conservation, through the creation of a pilot project for conservation ecotourism.

Presenting itself as an innovative initiative that provides participants the opportunity to observe, contemplate and directly participate in conservation activities, this pilot experience, in direct collaboration with the conservation project Manta Catalog Azores, will also integrate the establishment of partnerships with various entities on the island of Santa Maria and other islands in the Azores, such as local services of accommodation, restaurants, diving clubs, cultural and environmental dynamization, among others.

It is now possible to dive with the mantas that occur on the island of Santa Maria, in the Azores and join the research team of the Manta Catalog Azores project, learn more about these species and contribute to their conservation.

Participate in a unique experience, an experience with a purpose.

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For reservations, send an email to mantaconservationexperience@oceanario.pt