Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation present Oceans' Conservation Fund

100-thousand euro for oceans conservation

Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation present the Oceans' Conservation Fund, a 100-thousand euro fund to support scientific projects that may contribute to the conservation of marine species.

With the theme “Rays and Sharks. From darkness to the light of science”, the fund's first edition will finance the best Portuguese and international projects that contribute to the conservation of these species. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving one of the most endangered group of fishes in the world.

The FUND will support projects up to three years. Applications must be submitted until 14 July, 2017.

The Oceans' Conservation Fund will look for projects that have an on-site work component; assure that information is of scientific quality; represent sustainable initiatives; foster education; and include a strong knowledge sharing component, both for experts and for the general public.

Although it is widely recognised that the oceans' biological diversity is an invaluable asset for current and future generations, species decline due to human activity keeps increasing at an alarming rate. Overfishing and bycatch, combined with the natural characteristics of rays and sharks (slow growth rate, late sexual maturity and low number of offspring), places them in an extremely delicate position. It is urgent to join forces in view of protecting them.

This initiative plays an essential and collaborative role in fighting to conserve the existing biodiversity. It promotes greater knowledge of rays and sharks biology as well as the search for solutions that help to mitigate the threats they face.

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