"Resilience of the individual" with Holley Murchison

Human Habitat Lecture, 14th November, 18h30

The resilience of the individual is the next Human Habitat lecture topic, presented by Holley Murchison. This interactive session both interrogates and praises individual resilience, strength, and love in action. In her talk, Holley will raise the following questions: “How will you own your voice? Where will you inject love and passion? When will you start?”

As an entrepreneur and communications strategist, Holley Murchison uses her passion for the arts, education, and culture to push the envelope. In 2011, she co-founded the Hall Pass Tour, an organization that aims to help build a world where everyone has the freedom to fearlessly pursue their dreams. It is a collective of musicians, educators and creatives collaborating with urban and rural schools to produce concerts celebrating the dreams and leadership of young people to spark school change.

Holley Murchison also leads Oratory Glory, a communications agency and speaker collective based in Oakland, CA. The agency builds tools and curates events to inspire better communication while amplifying unheard voices making waves in the world. As an entrepreneur and strategist, her work is focused on two areas: disrupting traditional education systems so the next generation of unheard voices can pursue their passions and helping emerging artists, creative professionals and entrepreneurs communicate powerfully and compassionately to lead tribes that shift culture.

In this conference, Holley wants to go deeper in the sharing and development of contents on the topic of personal resilience and engage participants in the exploration of a more resilient future.

Find out more about Holley Murchison’s works in bit.ly/8LessonsInLove

Don’t miss it! At the Oceanário de Lisboa’s Auditorium.
More information and online registration http://holleymurchisonhh.eventbrite.com