“Spaceship Earth” – a brief history of the future of our planet

Human Habitat Conference, 11th September, with Kamel Magour

“Where does our planet actually come from? Is our temperate climate the norm or the exception? How did previous civilizations deal with climate change?”

Kamel Magour, entrepreneur dedicated to innovation and societal problem solving, is the next Human Habitat guest speaker.

During this talk, Kamel Magour aims to explore the beauty and complexity of the mechanics that shaped our planet and our climate the way it is right now. He will evaluate the most credible and probable scenarios for the evolution of our habitat and explain what does it mean for us and our civilization in the most pragmatic ways.

Based in Agadir (Morocco) and Paris (France), Kamel devotes his full attention to entrepreneurship and explores the power of “digital fabrication”. He founded Maya The Buzz and a Digital Innovation Lab, as well as the Geeksters and The House of Geeks to support talented programmers to develop innovative solutions.

In this conference, Kamel will introduce us to his very passionate exploration of these questions.

Don’t miss it! At the Oceanário de Lisboa’s Auditorium.
More information and online registration here.