Oceanário Club

The Oceanário Club offers you the opportunity to help protect the oceans and ensure ocean sustainability, by helping the Oceanário support conservation projects.

Membership benefits

| Helping the Oceanário de Lisboa support conservation projects

| Free Annual Pass

| 10% discount in all Oceanário de Lisboa gift shops

Terms and conditions

Members may be accompanied by:

| One adult and two children (under 13 years of age)


| One adult and two seniors citizens (over 65 years of age)


| One adult, a senior citizen and a child

Your membership card will be valid for a year from the date of payment of the membership fee;
Members are entitled to use the priority desk to collect tickets;
Tickets are valid for the Temporary Exhibition and the Permanent Exhibition;
Tickets are only valid on the day on which they are collected;
Members are entitled to a maximum of one weekly visit (Monday to Sunday);
Membership cards are personal and non-transferable. Members shall be required to present the respective cards. Membership cards can only be used by the respective HOLDERS;
Members shall be required to present the respective cards at the desk to collect tickets and at the entrance to the exhibitions, together with the respective ticket(s).

To join:
You may join the Oceanário Club at the Oceanário de Lisboa reception desk.
Annual membership fee: €65
For additional information, please contact us on 218 917 000 or e-mail us at info@oceanario.pt