The Oceanário de Lisboa new corporate programme - SEASTAINABILITY – BLUE IS THE NEW GREEN - shows that the path for sustainable development demands a transformation in core values, attitudes and ways of thinking and acting. We can do differently, challenge the status quo, and take the missing step to bridge the gap between the will to act and the skills to do so.

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This programme is an opportunity for companies that wish to make and effective commitment and contribute to a more sustainable future, adopting a benchmark position in environmental issues, and promoting an active behavioural change through environmental citizenship training for their employees.


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Mobilise society
Raise awareness for the need to act
Develop attitudes, values, and skills
Promote behavioural changes

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To guarantee an effective change in employees behaviour by providing basic training in environmental citizenship.
A step forward in establishing a referential position in environmental issues, which have a positive impact on the protection of nature.
Enhancing the value of the company and its employees, through a differentiating strategy that translates into direct participation in a cause.


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We move for a purpose
We have urgency in tackling environmental decay
We want to contribute to a sustainable planet
We aim to make a difference in the future

"To change the world, picture a better one first"

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Lisbon Ocean Experience

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Workshops that address current and emerging issues, transmit knowledge, values and principles, and promote enriching knowledge-sharing experiences that challenge participants to reflect, react and embrace their role as agents of change.


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Three modules: sustainability; climate change and marine litter

Four activities: beach clean-up; dolphin watching; circular economy and seastainability challenge (peddy-paper)

The programme is flexible, and all the modules can be done independently. Thus, the Oceanário supports your company in the elaboration of the intended training programme.


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This is not an eco&bio workshop, not a formation about slow fashion or zero waste, nor a cooking class based on organic, local, or seasonal products. We do not intend to transform you into a sustainability expert, but rather challenge you to reflect and to discover new ways of acting that have a smaller impact on the environment. Through enriching experiences, in an informal context of sharing knowledge, know-how and examples, we urge you to take the first steps towards sustainability. The goal is to create a movement of (im)perfect environmentalists who will contribute in a tangible and concrete way to a healthier planet.



This workshop aims not only to measure the temperature of the planet, but also to evaluate the consequences of climate change and understand how the ocean regulates and influences the Earth´s climate. Knowing the most recent findings on climate change and, more importantly, the strategies and solutions to adapt ourselves to climate-related risks and natural disasters are the goals of this course. Participants will be involved in a debate of ideas that will trigger a wave of behavioural change. Understanding that the ocean is the linchpin is the first step.



Nowadays, the issue of plastics in the ocean weighs about fourteen million tons a year. Although plastic has a wide variety of uses, it is important to raise awareness of its unregulated use and impact on the planet and humanity. More than anything, it is urgent to change our relationship with this material. In addition to raising awareness, this course includes several activities, creative tools and practical and sustainable tips that promote behavioural changes and seek to minimize and change the route of this plastic scourge.



Most of the plastic in the ocean is found near the shore. Take part in a unique experience that encourages teamwork, strengthens team spirit, and challenges your resilience. Clean-up actions are an essential part of tackling marine litter. Although they do not tackle the issue directly at the source, they are a powerful awareness-raising tool. They enable us to recover some of the litter that has reached the marine environment or to prevent it from reaching the ocean, when carried out in rivers or other waterways.



In this activity we propose a new economic model, where we add 36 tonnes of coffee grounds, add 12 tonnes of mushrooms, and absorb more carbon than 1148 trees. Learn more about the circular economy, while producing fresh and organic mushrooms from coffee grounds. In the end, in addition to a mushroom tasting, you will receive a set that will allow you to taste a more sustainable and waste-free future.



Discover iconic species, such as dolphins and take part in a challenge that will allow you to learn about biodiversity and get involved in protecting marine ecosystems. Ocean conservation begins when we uncover it. For this reason, it is crucial to «dive» into nature, to forge and emotional attachment to the sea, to mobilise ourselves in favour of a more sustainable future.


Teambuilding (peddy-paper)

Challenge your will to change and dive into the world of sustainability surrounded by more than 500 marine species. It's simple, in teams, complete the challenges that show you the way to environmental balance while contemplating the exhibition and answering questions about resident species and the threats that compromise their habitat. In the end, leave with stronger team bonds and an enriched notion about the importance of seastainability.


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  • Minimum of 25 participants per activity (or payment of the corresponding fee)
  • Portuguese or English
  • All activities are accompanied by Oceanário de Lisboa monitors
  • Insurance and VAT included
  • Formation certificate

Workshops - 60€/per
Beach clean-up - 60€/per
Dolphin watching - 80€/per
From waste to taste - 80€/per
Seastainability Challenge (peddy-paper) - 60€/per


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