Birthday parties

Festas de Aniversário no Oceanário

Control tower here. Everything ready? Have you got the cake, the snacks and the present? The biologists are ready, with their feet in the water. The monitors are very excited. The otters are dressed to impress and even the clownfish has already memorised all the jokes. Now we just need you and your friends to get this party started! Get ready to have your mind blown!

Age group children aged 4-12 
Fee €315/15 guests, including food; €240/15 guests (food not included)
Free admission for the birthday boy or girl


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Some dreams can become true! Spending the night of your birthday with some very special friends is one of them. Bring your friends; the sharks are waiting!

The only thing they won’t do is sing “Happy Birthday”. Will anyone manage to get any sleep?

Age group children aged 6-12 
Fee €500/12 guests (€30/additional guest)


If a birthday party is already an exciting event, imagine what it’ll be like if Vasco turns up! Imagine a superhero wearing a diving mask, snorkel and fins splashing amidst your friends. Guaranteed fun for a party you’ll never forget!

Vasco will attend your party for 30 minutes, at the time of singing “Happy Birthday” and handing gifts.

Fee €75

This activity is suspended due to the pandemic situation.