Corporate visits

Visitas guiadas para empresas | Oceanário de Lisboa

A dive into the deepest secrets of planet Ocean.

Close your eyes and imagine the ocean. How far does the vast sea go? Why is it blue? What is the largest animal inhabiting it? Could we live without the ocean? Find out all the answers and more on a tour overflowing with secrets of the sea.

90-minute visit to the permanent exhibition guided by a marine educator.

Lecture presenting the ocean with language suited to the various age groups. Find out how the sea influences humanity and how we all influence the ocean. A journey of discovery through trivia about the ocean, what is yet to be discovered, and how we can all contribute to its conservation.

A guided tour through Oceanário de Lisboa in search of the most incredible species that inhabit it, accompanied by the book, “Escanifoquê? À procura dos escanifobéticos do Oceanário”, by André Letria and Ricardo Henriques, maps more than just a visit. Get ready for a tour that is alive, one that lays eggs, has beaks, sharp teeth, and includes the special participation of Lineu and Vasco.

For more information and bookings, please contact us at corporate@oceanario.pt