ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it

The Ocean felt through an immersive journey, is the aim of Oceanário de Lisboa’s newest exhibition, ONE, the Ocean as you never felt it. This artistic installation portrays the deep connection between humans and the sea, while invoking the grandeur of the ocean.

For João Falcato, CEO of Oceanário de Lisboa, “Exhibiting a unique work of art, worthy of any major international museum, will likely be a surprise for Oceanário de Lisboa’s visitors. We hope to provide an unprecedented experience, to inspire pride for the magnificent beings that inhabit Portugal’s sea, and ultimately, to instill a sense of admiration and responsibility to preserve this magnificent underwater world.”

The challenge that sparked the project was presented to the artistic director and artist, Maya de Almeida Araújo. A specialist in underwater photography in motion, she has spent two decades dedicated to work that integrates the human element with the water element. A resident in London, the artist has already exhibited in several countries and her work is present in multiple public and private collections. It is her first time exhibiting in Portugal.

Relevant facts about the exhibition:

| All images taken within Portuguese maritime territory, between Mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira
| 8 months of filming
| Underwater images taken mostly in apnea, except for dives with sharks and mantas
| 11 different film crews (including drone crews)
| 6 vessels (1 catamaran, 1 fishing boat, 2 semi-rigids, 1 kayak and 1 submarine)
| 42 participants, from fishermen, fine artists, surfers and free diving professionals
| Post-production using Artificial Intelligence in order to create movements that would otherwise be impossible

About the artist Maya

Maya de Almeida Araújo is an artist and artistic director specializing in underwater photography in motion. With a degree in Biology from Imperial College, she has a master's degree in photography and two decades of experience capturing movement in aquatic environments. Her images are the result of a true feeling of admiration for the energy of the natural world, where the creative possibilities are limitless.
Her underwater photographs have been described as intimate, ethereal and mystical. She works in natural environments as well as in custom-built pools, equipped with high-powered studio lights.
Maya de Almeida Araújo was a pioneer in the use of underwater strobe lighting techniques to capture images of dancers in different stages of movement, clearly visible in her “Underwater Dance Series” project.