20 tips to fight climate change

20 dicas para combater as alterações climáticas

The environmental health is at stake, compromising the present and future generations. It is urgent to understand that the path to sustainable development requires a transformation in values, attitudes, and in our way of thinking and acting. We can do differently and take the missing step between the will to act and the capacity to do so.

Get inspired by these 20 simple behaviours that help fight climate change and join the journey towards a sustainable future:

1. Rethink and repair before buying;
2. Reuse bags and other products you already have at home;
3. Give a second life to damaged clothes by using them for other purposes, such as creating a cloth bag or cleaning cloths;
4. Buy fewer clothes, swap with family and friends and/or prefer to buy second-hand;
5. Dry clothes in the sun instead of using a tumble dryer;
6. Avoid the use of air conditioning and heaters, preferring passive cooling/heating techniques;
7. Unplug chargers from mobile phones and other equipment as soon as they are charged, and unplug appliances so they do not stay in stand-by mode;
8. Switch off lights whenever they are not needed and favour LED bulbs;
9. Recycle and separate waste, including bio-waste (composting);
10. Use apps and websites that help to avoid food waste;
11. Organise the fridge;
12. Use food peelings and leftovers to make new dishes;
13. Use the heat of the oven to make several dishes and the residual heat to finish cooking;
14. Reduce meat and fish consumption, for example by starting with at least one vegetarian meal a week and adopting a flexitarian diet;
15. Opt for sustainably sourced, local and seasonal foods;
16. Avoid over-packaged products or choose larger packages with minimal waste of paper, plastic or other material;
17. Favour public transport, cycling or walking whenever possible;
18. Share rides or use car sharing services;
19. Use social media, podcasts or other means to have an active and informed voice on the topic;
20. Pass the message on to those close to us, participate in environmental projects and re-educate others by example.