Ocean Conservation Fund

Fundo para a Conservação dos Oceanos | Oceanário de Lisboa e Fundação Oceano Azul

In 2017, Oceanário de Lisboa and Oceano Azul Foundation launched the Ocean Conservation FUND, with the aim of addressing critical challenges related to the conservation of marine ecosystems.

The planet's natural resources are essential for humanity's survival, and for its economic and social development. The biological diversity of the oceans is recognised worldwide as an asset of great value for current and future generations. However, the threats to marine species and ecosystems have never been as severe as they are today. In light of the alarming rate at which species are declining due to human activity, this initiative takes on an essential cooperative role in the efforts to conserve existing biodiversity.

The purpose of the Ocean Conservation FUND is to support unique projects that can make decisive contributions to the conservation of endangered species and marine biodiversity in general. The FUND is currently entering in its fourth edition:

| The first edition, on the theme of "Rays and sharks. From darkness to the light of science", financed three projects to the amount of EUR 100 000.

| The second edition was based on the theme of "Threatened Marine Species. From science to awareness". Given the success of the first edition, funding for the second increased to EUR 150 000.

| The third edition was based on the theme of "Marine Invertebrates. Protect the ocean, the future of the Planet".

Learn more about each edition’s winning projects: