"How technology will shape the future", with Michell Zappa

Human Habitat Lecture, 27th February, 18h30

“The future of technology is inspiring and scary, empowering and disruptive, all at the same time.”

Michell Zappa, technology thinker and information designer, is the next Human Habitat guest speaker.

Fascinated with emerging technologies, Michell Zappa will introduce us to his vision of the future of technology, taking us on a journey into innovation and opening our minds to the change we can already prepare for.

He is the founder of Envisioning, a company focusing on identifying global trends, future scenarios and technological disruption for governments and large corporations. He also builds tools that help people think creatively about accelerating change and is passionate about the future and the positive impact technology can cause on the world. Michell Zappa has researched how technology is likely to shape the future of learning, health, money and governance.

In this conference we will think about the relation between technology and humanity.

Don’t miss it! At the Oceanário de Lisboa’s Auditorium.

More information and online registration https://michellzappahh17.eventbrite.com