Lisbon Ocean Experience

Set sail and embrace biodiversity

The acclaimed Portuguese tall ship Santa Maria Manuela and global award-winning Oceanário de Lisboa have curated a unique expedition of ecological, maritime, and cultural discovery.

Imagine an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of one of the world’s most celebrated aquariums or a journey from Lisbon’s historic shoreline, helming a classic 63-meter tall sailing ship under the stars. Get up close with dolphin, go kayaking under the jagged cliffs of Arrábida National Park, and have an eye-to-eye meeting with an octopus as you dive or snorkel in one of Portugal’s most pristine marine reserves. Celebrate this adventure of environmental and cultural enlightenment guided by a marine biologist during a final sunset evening of local food and song.

The Lisbon Ocean Experience participants are ocean lovers and have in common a fascination for the marine world and its mysteries and wonders. With this experience you will be thrilled by unique moments with a deep connection with the ocean and the Portuguese cultural traditions. Our participants are seeking authentic adventures full of nature, culture and history, that will enable them to return home with lifelong memories, having gained a unique and intimate insight into Lisbon’s coastline above and below the water.

Participants in this experience are helping to grow a wider community of ambassadors for the conservation and knowledge of the ocean.

Join us on this the adventure and exclusive experience!

3 to 6 October 2024
10 to 13 October 2024

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