The Oceanário de Lisboa takes you to see the Dolphins in the Tagus River

Live a unique experience, which marks the return of these iconic species

The dolphins are already back in the Tagus River and the Oceanário de Lisboa proposes a boat trip to observe these animals up close, accompanied by a marine biologist. You can explore the marine life off Lisbon starting this Easter vacation - a memorable experience not to be missed.

Lisbon is the only European capital where dolphins can be observed in the wild. Oceanário de Lisboa and Terra Incógnita have joined forces to provide an experience that will allow you to discover the richness of the Tejo river mouth, accompanied by a marine biologist, who will not let any curiosity escape you. On this tour, besides the unique opportunity to see dolphins up close, you will also be able to observe a huge biodiversity, such as harbor geese, terns, cormorants and sometimes even sharks. Learn more about how you can contribute to protect the species that live on this border between the river and the sea.

Although they are not residents of the Tagus, dolphins began to be a regular presence in Lisbon in 2020, between May and September, when they enter the river in search of food - especially females, with baby and juvenile calves that also come to learn how to hunt. The most sighted species are common dolphins, easily recognized by their slender black and white body and short and pointed beak. Occasionally, gray bottlenose dolphins are also seen, reaching four meters in length and weighing more than 400 kg.

This year the dolphins arrived earlier and it is already possible to take this tour to meet animals in the wild. Given the receptivity of the program "Tagus Dolphins" in 2021, this year's offer was extended and provides daily departures until September 30, by appointment on the Oceanário website.

The visit accompanied by a marine biologist, lasting about three hours, costs 48€ per child (6-12 years) and 60€ per adult (+13 years). But if the mouth of the Tagus River is the first encounter with the Atlantic and its wildlife, the visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium complements the experience with a "dive" in the Global Ocean, with more than 500 marine species. If you choose a more complete program, with dolphin watching and a visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium, you will receive a #SeatheFuture T-shirt and the cost is 57€ per child (6-12 years) and 87€ per adult (+13 years).

The "Tagus Dolphins" experience is a proposal for lovers of nature and these iconic animals, and for those looking for a fun and differentiating program to do with friends, family, as a couple or even individually. In addition to a panorama of the city of Lisbon seen from the river, you will learn the secrets of the mouth of the Tagus and the many species that visit the largest river in Portugal.