Tickets at 7€ for +65 years old

Oceanário de Lisboa promotes prices "from the good old days" for visitors +65 years old, from March 1st till April 30th!

The month of March brings the spring, the longer days, and the best promotions reminiscent of the "good old days": everyone over 65 years old will have the opportunity to visit the Oceanário de Lisboa for only €7, every day, and at any time of day, from March 1st till April 30th.

Buy your tickets here.

With family, friends, or even grandchildren, there is no age limit to "dive" into the secrets of the ocean, whether it is for the first time or to visit again this incredible underwater world with more than 8,000 animals from 500 different marine species.

The Oceanário de Lisboa challenges you to discover "One Planet, One Ocean" and to live unforgettable experiences through the visits to the two temporary exhibitions "Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano" - the largest "nature aquarium" in the world - and "ONE - The Ocean as you never felt it", which presents a deep connection between mankind and the ocean, through an immersive experience by the Portuguese sea.

This campaign promises to leave no one indifferent, from the North to the South of the country, inviting especially all the over 65 years old not to stay at home, but take this unique opportunity, at a special price.

The ticket can be bought at the box office or on the Oceanário website, by clicking here.