Oceanário Shuttle

Vaivém Oceanário

Just like waves and tides come and go, the Oceanário also leaves Lisbon on a regular basis. The Oceanário Shuttle travels all across the country to accomplish its mission by offering educational experiences and spreading the good news: we can all help conserve nature.

This continuous environmental education programme is the most ambitious social responsibility project developed by the Oceanário de Lisboa. Our goal is to alert people of all ages to the need to change their behaviour in order to protect the environment and our natural heritage. We’re counting on you to help us achieve this goal.

Educators and teachers are the Oceanário’s most important allies when it comes to the environmental education of children and youths. In this sense, we have organised a series of free presentations, to be delivered all over the country by the Oceanário Shuttle, with a view to drawing young people’s attention to the urgent need for a change in attitude, so that we can help conserve and protect our natural resources.

This project is temporarily suspended, and at the moment, we do not have an estimate date for its resumption. We will provide ongoing updates on any future developments. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

Come and meet the incredible 8000 animals from 500 different species on a visit to the Oceanário de Lisboa!

About Oceanário de Lisboa:
Recognized three times as "the best aquarium in the world" by Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice, the Oceanário de Lisboa is a place that brings the ocean to the city through the nearly 500 marine species that inhabit it. The Oceanário's mission is to encourage visitors to learn more about the ocean, making them aware of their responsibility in conserving our natural heritage by changing their behaviour towards a more sustainable society.

As well as diving into the 7 million litres of salt water in the main exhibition, experience the simplicity of the Oceanário de Lisboa temporary exhibition "Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano", which shows us nature in balance. Contemplating a 40-metre-long aquarium with over 80 species of tropical freshwater fish and aquatic plants teaches us the beauty of (im)perfection.

The grandeur of the Portuguese sea experienced in "ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it", one of the Oceanário de Lisboa temporary exhibitions, is a glimpse of those who live the sea: animals, fishermen, artists, surfers and divers.

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