Capredux | Reducing the accidental catch of seabirds

Pardela Balear | Projeto Capredux

The biggest Marine Area with Special Protection in Portugal (SPA Aveiro - Nazaré), recently designated under the LIFE + MarPro project, is primarily dedicated to the conservation of Balearic shearwater, the most endangered seabird of Europe. Being one of the species most affected by bycatch, the Balearic shearwater has a significant mortality in various gears. In this context, the project "Capredux - Reducing the Accidental Catch of Seabirds in Aveiro - Nazaré Special Protection Zone" want to monitor the fisheries and implement measures for the reduction of bycatch in this area. Observers aboard fishing vessels, log-books of voluntary declaration, electronic monitoring systems and surveys will be tools for monitoring the mortality of seabirds. At the same time the effectiveness of the use of devices (acoustic and optical) for the removal of birds during fishing operations will be tested.

This project has a cooperative approach to the fisheries sector and contribution for reducing the risk of bycatch and mortality of seabirds in the SPA Aveiro - Nazaré.