Projeto Paeloris | Vencedor do Fundo de Conservação InAqua

Paeloris, which in Latin means mussel, was the name chosen for the project presented by UTAD - University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Portugal).
The coastal lagoons: Barrinha de Mira, Lagoa de Mira, Lagoa da Vela e Lagoa das Braças, located in the Central Coast of Portugal are wetlands with high productivity and biodiversity, integrated in the “Rede Natura 2000” Mira Dunes, Gandara and Gafanhas.

Local communities of bivalves, also called “náiades” or freshwater mussels, are elements of those humid ecosystems and have a very important functional and ecological roles. Once abundant in these aquatic ecosystems, are currently one of the most threatened groups of organisms.

With PAELORIS project will be characterized and quantified native species of freshwater bivalves, contributing to a deep knowledge, protection and preservation of these ecosystems.