Deep reefs

Projeto Deep Reefs

An initiative of the “Centro de Ciências do Mar”(CCMAR - University of Algarve), was initiated in 2010 with the support of INAQUA Fund and has contributed to increase the knowledge of the seabed in the Portuguese coast.
Funding awarded with INAQUA allowed to explore magnificent rocky reefs covered by colorful organisms such as corals and sponges that are important for many other species, including fish and crustaceans with commercial value.

Project Deep reefs explored the biological diversity and distribution of species that occur in rocky reefs between 30 and 70 metres deep.
This innovative project provided a new information tool for managers of protected areas by creating three-dimensional maps of the marine biodiversity of these reefs.
Joining techniques of underwater topography and video with divers, side scan sonar and geographical information systems it was possible to know more about these ecosystems, including their responses to environmental variations and to fishing activities.

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