7 reasons to visit the Oceanário de Lisboa!

Looking for things to do in Lisbon? The Oceanário de Lisboa is a must-see attraction in Lisbon! Discover the 7 reasons why the Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the best aquariums in the world, with over 8,000 animals and plants of 500 different species.

Immerse yourself in an ocean of unique sensations and contribute to the conservation of the ocean with every visit. Here are 7 reasons why the Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the best activities in Lisbon:

1. Recognised 3 times as the best aquarium in the world
A visit to Lisbon is not complete without a trip to the Oceanário de Lisboa, a world-class institution dedicated to the knowledge and conservation of the ocean since 1998. One of the most visited places in Portugal, just 10 minutes from Lisbon airport. Recognised 3 times as "the best aquarium in the world" by Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice, this Oceanário de Lisboa has repeatedly been rated as a "top attraction" in Lisbon by visitors.

7 motivos para visitar o Oceanário de Lisboa

2. Take an immersive trip around the world - without leaving Lisbon
"One Planet, One Ocean", the Oceanarium's main exhibition, is an immersive journey around the world. A unique showcase of biodiversity, home to more than 8,000 animals and plants of 500 species. The iconic central aquarium represents the global ocean and houses around 70 species from four oceans, and is surrounded by four distinct marine habitats, with several species of Sharks, Magellanic penguins, Puffins, Sea otters, Sunfish, Sea dragons, Clownfish, Rays, and stunning Corals, to name but a few.

3. It has the world's largest nature aquarium
We suggest starting your sensory journey at the "Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano" exhibition. The world's largest nature aquarium presents tropical forests through a relaxing and immersive experience, led by Rodrigo Leão's soundtrack. With a length of 40 metres, more than 10,000 tropical fishes of 40 species and 46 species of aquatic plants, this aquarium was the culmination of the life's work of the master Takashi Amano (1954-2015), the world's forerunner of aquapaising.

7 motivos para visitar o Oceanário de Lisboa

4. An immersive experience of the Portuguese Sea
The striking exhibition "ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it", by the artist Maya Almeida, immerses us in the grandeur of the ocean through an unprecedented journey through the Portuguese sea. The work is a tribute to the ocean, portraying Man's deep connection with the sea through an immersive piece of work with images taken exclusively in Portugal. Not to be missed!

7 motivos para visitar o Oceanário de Lisboa

5. It's an ideal programme for the whole family
The Oceanário de Lisboa is truly a programme for all ages and therefore perfect for families. Everyone can enjoy this emotional experience: from the joy of the kids to the amazement of adults, from curious enthusiasm to the tranquillity of a visit to the underwater world. Even teenagers will be thrilled with the incredible photos they'll be able to publish! The shared discovery will leave good family memories. There are no better activities in Lisbon for children.

The Oceanário de Lisboa is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility,  so whether you're in a wheelchair or pushchair, you can fully enjoy your visit. If you plan your visit to Lisbon with time, consider booking a Guided Tour. If you're travelling with children aged between two and four, consider booking The Little Whale programme - a family tour designed with the little ones in mind.

6. Contributes to the conservation of the marine world
Visiting the Oceanário de Lisboa is an invitation to go beyond admiring the ocean and act in favour of its conservation. Through an emotional connection with the animals we know so well, we are mobilised to help conserve them by changing our day-to-day behaviour. In addition, by buying a ticket to visit this "window to the ocean" each visitor contributes to the conservation projects supported by the Oceanário de Lisboa.

7. Getting to know the ocean and modern Lisbon
The Oceanário de Lisboa is located in Parque das Nações, Lisbon's most modern neighbourhood. As well as visiting the aquarium, you can enjoy some time by the river in the Jardim das Ondas or take a panoramic ride on the Lisbon cable car - the Telecabine. Located just three metro stops from the airport, close to Oriente Station, it is the centre of a diverse cultural offer with gardens, museums, architectural landmarks and urban art. End your experience with a unique view from 30 metres up on the Telecabine Lisboa, contemplating the beauty of the Mar da Palha. Discover the ocean in the heart of the city!

7 motivos para visitar o Oceanário de Lisboa

Get your ticket now to visit the Oceanário de Lisboa and immerse yourself with us in a unique journey, where the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants meets environmental conservation. Oceanário de Lisboa is waiting for you to create special and unforgettable moments!